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"You admire the lions, you despise all sheep. But following lions leaves nothing but sheep."
Hi there, I'm Sarah, I live in that state where the space needle is located, on the rainy side, I'm a multitasking guru, I'm a photographer, a model and I design wicked jewelry. I can sing, dance and creates what's inside my head and makes it a reality, to find more of my work, send me an ask.
DISCLAIMER: Unless otherwise stated, I do not own the photos I post, I post them cuz I find them relevant to my post, or how I feel.
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The Silver Spoon | Little Boy Blue | & The Man In The Moon
"It is said there is no sin in killing a beast, only in killing a man. But where does one begin and the other end."

amanda-enigma asked: I spent some time on your blog this afternoon and really enjoyed it!

Thanks! :D

Anonymous asked: Do you ever feel as if you wish you could simply stop existing, at least until things were better?

In the past, yes. In the last week, I’ve had a change of heart on that, someone came back into my life recently that made me reconsider this and to be honest, I want to exist, leave my mark on the world and go forth and be awesome.

After six years my crush finally asked me out. *swoon*

I love a guy with an intelligent mind, the knowledge to teach and the ability to create a perfect simile describing me, ‘it’s like looking into the eyes of euphoria.’

He’s the guy I’ve had the biggest crush on for years. Now I get a chance? I’m not passing it up.

He’s the guy I’ve had the biggest crush on for years. Now I get a chance? I’m not passing it up.


A couple previews of some of what clockworkkat and I’ve been up to on this second trip of hers to the Seattle area. (:

for more of her and my work check out our facebook pages: hers and mine.

Hey, you’re a nerd. I like you.
Wait, you make weird noises when I do, like some weird nerdy mating call? HOW DID I NOT REALIZE YOU WERE PERFECT!? You’re also a ninja? SOLD.

Yep. Sarah has a crush folks.

At my friend Pearl’s sisters wedding. Gorgeous footage.